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About this service

To fight head and neck cancer, you need to know all of your treatment options. This is a free, confidential, personalized service that helps you understand which clinical trials may be an option for you. Clinical trials are offered at all stages and have a natural place in head and neck cancer treatment.

How does the service work?

A Clinical Trial Navigator is available to guide you through the clinical trial matching and referral process to see if you are a match to any clinical trials open in the national database. At your request, the Navigator will notify you when a new site or a new clinical trial opens that matches your profile.

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Fill out the questionnaire and review your answers with a Clinical Trial Navigator who will make sure you are successfully connected with the clinical trials and locations that match your specific diagnosis, stage and treatment history. We recommend that you explore clinical trial options each time you have to make a treatment decision. Request a call if you need assistance.

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